What is KI (Qi) energy

 “Ki” energy (Chi “Qi”) is a fundamental concept in many traditional Asian martial arts, philosophy and traditional medicine. It basically refers to the cosmic life energy that flows through all matter in the universe and unites all living things, just like air, and provides life.

KI flows endlessly throughout the universe, throughout the cosmic cycle (TAO) dynamically shifting in between 2 poles: YIN & YANG. Those 2 poles are like complementary phases of KI energy and can be considered like High & low, Day & Night, Activity & Rest, Masculinity and Femineity etc. In order to fully merge with the KI we must be aware of it and understand its nature!

The capability of allowing KI to run through us naturally and with no interruptions is considered the core manifestation of health in Oriental medicine.

A more modern approach to understanding “KI” may be the use of “Aerobic energy” compared to “Anaerobic energy” in our body. The Aerobic energy in a protein-based energy produced from nutrients, stored mostly in the liver and nourishes the body in every breath via the blood system. It is long term energy and depends in our nutrients, breathe power and blood cycle. Anaerobic energy, derived from our “muscle power” (ATP molecules) is much shorter to use and produce fatigue-causing elements such as lactic-acid and carbon-dioxide.

Many healing arts such as SHIATSU and ANMA focus on “clearing the pathways” for KI to flow in our body, by stimulating and regulating body points and neutralizing stress.

Martial-art practitioners learn how to utilize this energy by relaxing their muscles and working with their breathing power (Jap. “Kokyu”), originating in their lower abdomen, so to unbalance their opponents and lead them into peaceful submission without causing harm.

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