Aikido principles by Sensei Koichi Tohei

Tohei Sensei was one of the most significant and promising figures in Aikido history. He founded the “Ki style” stream of Aikido practice and was one of a few followers of the founder who earned a 10’th DAN!

Tohei Sensei promoted Ki energy study in various ways among many Aikidoka. One of his gifted gems was the mentioning of the FOUR MAJOR PRINCIPLES TO UNIFY MIND AND BODY:

1. Keep One Point: Develop awareness to you center of gravity rested in your lower abdomen. All movements  originate from this area and so is our true power, health and stamina. When we are acquainted to this area we are most powerful and effective.
2. Relax Completely: Relates to the ability to relax the mind AND the body’s muscles as well. Staying relaxed in the face of danger or hostile challenge is a mastery skill in Aikido and martial arts in general.
3. Keep weight Underside: Be aware of gravity and allow it to ground and stabilize you in any performance. The power of Aikido is similar to cutting with the sword downwards and utilizes gravity.
4. Extend Ki: Projecting forward momentum is an act of courage and is necessary for executing any technique effectively. Contracting backwards is an expression of fear, lack of relaxation and over-protection against hostility, and may greatly reduce our effectiveness.

In Bushido-Aikidojo we strive to promote the awareness to these fundamental principles.

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