An amazing lower back release

When I was still in Israel I had my uncle coming for a weekend visit with his wife. He was barely walking or standing and his wife was helping him. He said he had strained his back for the past 2 days real bad and don’t know what to do. It was a Saturday so he was resting and avoiding calling a Doctor. Than he asked me for help knowing I’m a Shiatsu therapist. I was looking at him for a moment and thought to myself…. his knees look a little stiff…

So I asked him to carefully bent down on his knees and support himself with the nearby sofa, holding his hand on it. I instructed him how to do so and he actually cooperated, surprised it was not that hard to do. That he asked: “What’s next?”

The next thing was chatting with him for a few minutes… maybe 5 or so…

At some point I asked him to stand up again. He was a bit scared to do so, but finally did it and was very shocked to realize that the back pain was almost completely GONE!

“How did you know, Asi?” he asked… I said humbly I didn’t but since his knees looked so stiff I realized they could not take part in carrying his body weight so it made the hip-line overworked. By performing this simple corrective stretch he simply shifted the tension away from his lower back to his knees so they got stimulated and circulated and the lower back was relieved!

Of course he was so happily surprised and could not stop praising me for that the whole visit 😀

So this is a perfect example of how the simplest things, like keeping all body joints flexible and circulated can be of great help and almost with no cost or effort! Please apply daily!

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