MY ACTIVITIES: Shiatsu-Anma, Aikido

Listing of all my activities and services,  providing Shiatsu-Anma therapy and instructing Aikido martial-art.

Private Shiatsu-Anma practice

Aculeaf Health room

Providing Shiatsu-Anma treatments independently at ACULEAF-HEALTH clinic in Winter Park FL (by Dr. Kathy H Nguyen). Currently available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, 9am – 9pm. New clients are asked to fill out their Intake Forms prior to their first appointment. For more details please click the Icon buttons.

Working at AMPLIVIVE center

AMPLIVIVE center, Windemere, Florida

Working as a Shiatsu-Anma therapist at “AMPLIVIVE” wellness clinic in Windemere, Florida, providing Shiatsu-Anma treatments as part of a holistic set of treatment types offered to boost one’s health and Athletic performance. Available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Teaching Shiatsu-Anma

I previously taught Shiatsu-Anma in several Massage schools and other social occasions. My dream is to educate and train the public for self health mastery through Shiatsu-Anma, as I do practice for years. I do intend to establish a center for Shiatsu-Anma practice & education in the future. Updates will be posted later on.

Teaching Aikido

Bushido Aikidojo

I currently teach Aikido independently at a local Dojo in Apopka, Florida:

“We are an independent new Dojo , located in Apopka, Florida, founded this year 2022 and headed by chief instructor Asi Shnabel. We are affiliated with the IIMAA (International Independent Martial Artists Association).”