Shiatsu-Anma, Aikido

Listing of all my activities and services,  providing Shiatsu-Anma therapy and instructing Aikido martial-art.

Treating clients in Winter Park, FL

Providing Shiatsu-Anma treatments in ACULEAF-HEALTH clinic in Winter Park FL. Available on Tuesdays to Fridays, 9am – 9pm (Wednesdays are until 5pm). Clinic manager: Dr. Kathy H. Nguyen (AP, DOM).

For booking and rates please contact me by phone or the clinic manager at (407) 232-1988. New clients are asked to fill out their Intake Form prior to their first appointment.

* Payment accepted in Credit-cards, Venmo, Zelle, Cash-App and cash.

Shiatsu-Anma house-calls

Providing Shiatsu-Anma house-call treatments around Orlando and Apopka areas. Available on Saturday, Sundays and Mondays. Please call me for rates and terms of service.

More about Shiatsu-Anma therapy in my Blog posts to know how I can help you.

Teaching Shiatsu-Anma

I previously taught Shiatsu-Anma in several Massage schools and other social occasions. My dream is to educate and train the public for self health mastery through Shiatsu-Anma, as I do practice for years. I do intend to establish a center for Shiatsu-Anma practice & education in the future. Updates will be posted as soon as it begins.

Teaching at Bushido Aikidojo

These days I teach Aikido independently at a local Dojo in Apopka, Florida:

“We are an independent new Dojo , located in Apopka, Florida, founded this year 2022 and headed by chief instructor Asi Shnabel (4th degree black belt). We are affiliated with the IIMAA (International Independent Martial Artists Association).”