Shiatsu-Anma for Pregnancy/Postnatal treatments

Pregnancy Treatments:

Pregnancy is a wonderful natural miracle of preparing to bring new life on Earth. Naturally the Embryo’s growth is much depended in the mother’s health, life style etc. With modern fast & stressful life style pregnancy is often experienced through many hardships and unpleasant symptoms than may often undermine the mother’s health, and even affect the born-to-be baby.

Modern lifestyle often affects many young women while being pregnant: working hard, coping with stress, coping with mass communication and technology, etc. thus turning a natural wonder such as pregnancy into a long, painful & tiring process, often accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms, complications, decreased immunization and body power, unstable sensitivity and more.

It is well known that Shiatsu and Anma may assist much in the process of pregnancy, starting from alleviating pain & other typical symptoms common in pregnancy, and up to helping the natural development of the embryo inside the uterus and preparing the pregnant woman to a much better labor. Symptoms successfully treated by Shiatsu & Anma are: body & head pain, nausea & sensitive stomach, tiredness or weakness, anxiety, poor sleep and more.

Shiatsu-Anma treatments are recommended regularly starting from the second trimester and until the labor itself. The common frequency is usually set to once a week but may vary according to the client’s needs and bodily constitution. Treatments are performed traditionally on a matt with the client lying on her side (side posture). Careful attention is given to specific areas such as the lower back, the abdomen etc. Other than that treatments are pretty much similar to regular treatments.


Postnatal Treatments:

Giving birth is a process requiring much effort from the mother’s body and leaves his “trail marks” for long after being completed. Many symptoms such as muscle cramps, mental instability, minor internal hemorrhages, “Varicose Veins” syndrome, body edema (swelling) and other forms of physical & mental functional decrease may develop as a result of not resolving the by-products left-over after giving birth.
Shiatsu-Anma treatments may greatly help with that!

The main focus in the treatments is on the abdominal (“AMPUKU”) and hip areas where most of the “after birth” tension is left. Of course there is also some focus on local treatments for symptomatic relief. Postnatal treatments are mostly being done with client lying in side position, as the abdomen may still be hyper sensitive, swollen or week.

This form of massage is very effective in restoring body’s power & functioning as well as releasing it from left-over toxic materials and due to its safe nature and simplicity is highly recommended to most women!


During my years of practice I was blessed to assist many pregnant women and improve their labor process and even their post-natal recovery to a great deal. I welcome you to contact me for more information regarding this topic.

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