Tanden (TanTien): The center of our being

For many centuries the source of our being, power and health is known among the sages in the far east as the body’s center of gravity, or the “field of longevity” (Tanden= Jap.; Tantien= Chi.). For centuries this center was cultivated and maintained by healers, martial-artists and masters of many types of arts who believed that perfection depends in utmost utilization of this center, both physically and mentally.

In fact, sources point three divisions of this center in our body: The upper “Tantien” (3rd eye) as the mental center of wisdom, the middle center (middle of the chest) as the center of emotions and conception and empathy, and the lower center as the physical center, the center of gravity in our bodies and source of our true strength.

Breathing into and from this center (lower center) is considered as the most fundamental element in maintaining health and optimizing our body’s powers and functioning!

In my personal experience over the course of practice I noticed a significant connection between the healing and recovery potential to the quality of abdominal (“Tanden”) breathing, both in myself and in my clients.

The secret of abdominal breathing is to allow gravity to rest on our pelvic area (supported by the back and sacrum region), and to allow breathing out into every effort we make (instead of locking our breathing as most people commonly perform).

In Shiatsu healing therapy it is probably the main purpose to evoke and improve this basic form of breathing and connect into body areas and points in need. Everything comes down to this simple yet most powerful principle. As a result the patient can feel their body changes, metabolizes, releasing toxins and revives.

My sessions and entire work of life are focused on this “Tanden” breathing principle and on educating my clients and students to develop their awareness to their “Tanden” and improve their ability to self heal!

Wishing everyone a healthy strong “TANDEN”!

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