Understanding PAIN and STRESS in Shiatsu-Anma Therapy

PAIN in oriental understanding is NOT a pathogen causing a health-related problem but simply “stagnation” in KI/Blood flow (or- body functioning). Pain is a natural STIMULUS the body creates when a tissue is in hurt, and delivers it to the brain containing information of the characteristics of the problem. Thus it helps to awaken a natural RECOVERY process and relax the nerve system (parasympathetic state).

So fighting pain is not the root of recovery because ignoring/sedating pain means interfering the natural process of recovery.

The goal in Shiatsu-Anma therapy is to “reveal” the pain by pressing specific areas or points safely and comfortably. Thus, the natural process is unblocked and renewed (KI flow). If pain indicates severe local damage than naturally we will not be able to comfortably touch it!


STRESS is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. It begins as a casual tension. After a while it may fixate in the body and deteriorate its functioning and health, for example, an unexpressed emotion, or a rigid joint that cannot move.

As practitioners we may sense stress as a field of excess conductivity (nerves activity) at relevant areas/points. It feels like a “magnetic field”. So stressed points/areas can actually attract our senses, like magnets, providing we are relaxed and intuitive. When Stress and pain are starting to resolve, body breathing is stimulated (relaxation)!

So a skilled practitioner is not “afraid” of pain but enjoys it!

Natural medicine, and Shiatsu-Anma included, can offer an amazing aid in curing and alleviating pain and stress. It is done with NO side-effect and by natural means of body recovery. I’d recommend anyone who is in need to come try a session and realize the great potential!

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