Asi Shnabel LMT

Specialist and Instructor of Japanese Healing and Martial arts: SHIATSU-ANMA therapy and AIKIDO.


My Career journey-

Mastering those skills and improving my body’s vital energy (KI) is a life work of mine. My journey has began with a strong passion for Japanese culture at young age. I was amazed by it’s values of grace, elegance and beauty, along side with inner power, dignity and the highest respect for nature and the universe.

My first practice has been  through martial arts, and later on I was introduced to traditional Asian Medicine and the concept of healing it  supports (KI). I quickly came to realize I have a gift in my hands and exceptionally talented in healing through Shiatsu-Anma therapy. So I became an enthusiast and advocate.

The skills I’ve mastered had greatly contributed to my growth as an individual in terms of health, self awareness and faith in life and our universe. I wish to share these benefits with as many people as I can!

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About Shiatsu Anma

About Shiatsu-Anma

Shiatsu and Anma are traditional Japanese forms of Acupressure and bodywork therapy, based on traditional Asian-medicine principles and aimed at promoting vitality of bodily tissues and the body's natural functioning.

About Aikido

About Aikido

Aikido is a unique Japanese martial art that has evolved from earlier and more aggressive martial arts in the beginning of the 20th century and adopted to modern era. It helps practice and improve KI skills, peaceful mind & body, self defense and much more.

About Ki

About KI (Qi) Energy

The concept of Energy in traditional Asian Philosophy (Jap. "Ki", Chi. "Qi", Hindu "Prana") is referred to the vital force of life that flows within every living object and nourishes and metabolize it through an endless natural breathing cycle. It is the most fundamental element of health.

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