Heal your body with amazing traditional Japanese Acupressure Therapy:

This is a traditional Japanese Acupressure and Bodywork therapy that helps you maintain and improve your body’s natural healing power and self recovery. It is based on a medicinal tradition that exists in Japan and China for many centuries and had benefit millions of people ever since then.

About Shiatsu effectsMeaning: SHI= finger, ATSU= pressure (Japanese).

Shiatsu is a form of manual pressure therapy done (mostly) by fingers and developed in Japan. Shiatsu was created only at the beginning of the 20’Th century (name was first published in 1915). In 1955 Shiatsu was recognized as a form of massage therapy aside Anma & western massage and in 1964 was recognized by the Japanese government as an independent form of therapy with unique standards of training & licensing.

The main difference between Shiatsu and other forms of massage is the focusing on pressure techniques as well as combining oriental traditional theory with modern western science. The goal of Shiatsu is to promote and regulate the natural healing powers existing in the patient’s body through a variety of controlled manual pressure for the sake of disease prevention and symptomatic relieve.

In part Shiatsu also focuses on regulating the physiological functioning of internal organs by affecting the nervous system and releasing the spinal region from local tension creating factors.

Being a relatively young form of therapy and rapidly developed has created many styles & schools of Shiatsu, differing from one another mainly by theoretical understanding & vision. Some of the styles are very popular and some are less.

The style in which I was trained in was developed by Dr. D.T. Kaneko and is based on Professor’s K. Serizawa’s Acupressure(“TSUBO”) therapy. Professor Serizawa, born in 1915, was one of the most noted figures in oriental medicine and devoted his life to the research of “TSUBO” (points of stimulation found in traditional oriental medicine).

about AnmaLit.: An= pressure, Ma = massage (Japanese).

Anma was imported to Japan from China during the 6’Th century AD and is in use as one of the major healing medical forms ever since then. Since its arrival to Japan Anma is known in many levels, from the general basic level (health maintenance) up to a clinical level used by traditional healers for diagnosis & treatment of patients.

Anma includes a wide variety of massage techniques such as muscle kneading, rubbing, pressing, body tapping, shaking, vibrating and more.

Anma went through a tremendous theoretical & clinical development while in Japan, after centuries of being guided under Chinese classical theory (until 17th century). Anma became mainly attributed to blind therapists (known as highly sensitive) who were training in various schools in Japan at that time.

With the import of modern medicine to Japan (19’Th century AD) Anma had lost its medical value and was lowered to a level of “relaxation massage”. The term “Anma-San” became a nick-name for blind therapists. Many healers lost their livelihood looking for another way to introduce the effectiveness of this healing art to the public. This is one of the reasons for the development of SHIATSU and a professional awakening of many healers at the beginning of the 20th century.

About Ki QiThe concept of Energy in traditional Asian Philosophy (Jap. “Ki”, Chi. “Qi”, Hindu “Prana”) is referred to the vital force of life that flows within every living object and nourishes and metabolize it through an endless natural cycle. It is the vital breath of life that unites all creations. It may sound esoteric but can actually be well explained by scientific terms as the ability of every living organism to “breath”, circulate and transform.

In many traditional arts such as healing arts and martial arts we are constantly training to be aware of that “breathing” force and cultivate it, so to  improve our health and peace around us.

If You’re Suffering From One Or More Of These Conditions, Shiatsu-Anma Therapy Can Very Much Be Of Help. Please Contact Me Directly For Further Information.

External conditions:

Muscle tension/stress | sports injuries | chronic stress/pain management | migraines/headaches | pinched nerves (eg. Sciatica etc.) | limited joints motion | minor inflammations (joints) | carpal tunnel syndrome | and more

Internal conditions:

Cold or Flu attacks (as for now restricted due to the Covid19 Pandemic) | temporary loss of voice | chronic fatigue syndrome | sleeping disorders | bladder issues/Incontinence | minor allergic reactions (Stress based) | irritated bowel (upset stomach) syndrome/temporary constipation | menstrual pain | shortness of breath (Asthma) | anxiety (stress) attacks | Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments | supporting Dementia (“Parkinson” disease, dystonia etc.) | Cerebral-Palsy | oncology (cancer) and more.


Cupping therapyCupping is a form of traditional Medicine that existed in many Ancient cultures around the world but was well preserved in traditional “Taoist” (aka Chinese) medicine.

In Cupping treatment application involves attaching specially made cups on the body’s skin surface for a period of time ranging from a few minutes to half an hour, to create suction. As a result the skin gets lightly and temporarily bruised in a way that invigorates blood and Lymph circulation under the skin and boosts local detoxification. This is beneficial for a variety of ailments and conditions such as minor pain and inflammations, restricted range-of-motion in joints, cold/Flu sickness, and more.

In traditional times suction was applied by heating the cups with fire just prior to putting them on the skin. In modern times a safer and more sophisticated method involves pumping special cups with a vacuum gun to create vacuum.

I integrate Vacuum-cups in my treatments as specifically needed and also provides short cupping sessions for the purpose of maintenance or local treatments. Please view the Services Page for additional information.


Tiger balmIt is one of the most effective Pain-relief (Analgesic) remedies, worldwide known, for many years and is uniquely composed of natural (herbal) ingredients that are proven as safe. Being suitable for young and old this popular ointment has evolved into a wide range of products such as creams, oils, Patches (plasters), gels, sprays and more. It is affordable and easily purchased in most popular Pharmaceutical stores and online too.

I usually integrate Tiger Balm rub in my treatments when focusing on bodily areas that are extremely tight, inflamed or tender. At times I may integrate it with Cupping therapy so to increase the local effect in extreme cases and also for sliding the cups along the skin (form of treatment). I often recommend self-application of Tiger-Balm to my clients as a supporting part of their healing process.

About Shiatsu and AmpukuIn translation (Jap.): “Palpating the abdomen”.

Ampuku is a part of Anma massage in traditional Japan focusing in treating the abdomen. The abdomen, in traditional Japanese philosophy is considered to be the center of human life and the source of our health. Many healers considered the root of disease as located in the abdomen (Lit. “HARA”).

Ever since the 17’Th century Japan, Ampuku has developed to a clinical level and dealt with many patterns of sickness, sometimes combined with additional oriental medical techniques such as herbology, moxibation etc.

Ampuku techniques are all derived from Anma massage and focusing them on the abdomen. Ampuku has several ways of diagnosis & treatment, according to several different styles which have developed over the centuries.

Nowadays Ampuku is in use for treating & healing a variety of cases such as: relief of abdominal (gastrointestinal, menstrual, digestive, circulatory etc.) syndromes, helping pregnancy, midwifery treatments, rehabilitation from childbirth, stress relieve etc.

The style in which I am trained uses simple talk powder over the exposed abdomen for a more comfortable feeling during the treatment. This style is based on two traditional styles being taught in Japan: The GOTO style and SHINSAI OTA style ( two great healers at their time).

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About Shiatsu AnmaShiatsu Anma healing therapy can greatly impact the body’s cellular circulation and nerve management. Every pressure technique is aimed at triggering an instinctive abdominal breathing response (diaphragm), so blocked tissues can rejuvenate and heal via an improved circulation of blood  and QI energy. Additional Stretchers and joint mobilizations help to restore natural body structural alignment.

About Shiatsu AnmaShiatsu-Anma caters to  individuals who care for their bodies and seek to improve and utilize their own natural healing powers for the purpose of general and specific well-being. It helps to improve bodily circulation and also to alleviate a large variety of bodily ailments. It may help any type of individuals, age, gender, body constitution etc.

For treating in special conditions such as pregnancy, post surgery or in any significant medical condition please contact me in person for further information.

* Treatment is contraindicated in case of drug/alcohol consumption and cannot legally replace any prescribed medical treatment without and authorized permission!

About Shiatsu AnmaSince Shiatsu-Anma pressure points are done comfortably, using no muscle force, but utilizing controlled body weight, it is believed to be the most safe modality of bodywork. A good pressure technique can hardly hurt anybody if done reasonably and with a heartfelt intent to help.

In case of severe medical restrictions it is advised to be supervised by a qualified and experienced Shiatsu-Anma therapist but in most cases and at home it is as safe as scratching our nose when its itchy.

Practicing self Massage and Shiatsu can support a healthy life style and even assists in an ongoing treatment. This page includes a variety of recommended items that may effectively assist in self daily practice. All these items are very affordable, popular, easily purchased and highly effective and practical for self use. Hope you can enjoy them soon.

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