I hold a 4th degree black belt (“Yondan”) in Aikido and obtain over 35 years practice  in martial arts, including 8 years of KARATE (traditional Okinawan styles) and most years in AIKIDO.
My practice style is very unique and focused on the preservation and cultivations of self-awareness, Vital energy (KI), simplicity and peaceful interaction. I strive to focus on practicality and awareness rather than form and technique.

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art, evolved from older forms of martial arts, mainly “Aikijujitsu”, into a disciplined form of practice for self-improvement and growth. Aikido translate from Japanese language as: “Ai” means harmony, “Ki” means energy or life-force, and “Do” means way: The way of harmony/unification with the cosmic life-force (or breath of life). So Aikido provides control by blending in harmony with any challenge rather than struggling against it. Aikido can be very effective in self-defense situations if practiced correctly since it is based on actual and proven martial techniques, but it’s ultimate goal is to perfect our bodies, minds and health as we grow better. Aikido is a skill of subduing or neutralizing aggression without causing damage, is very peaceful in its nature and enjoyable to practice.

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These days I teach Aikido independently at a local Dojo in Apopka, Florida.

“We are an independent new Dojo , located in Apopka, Florida, founded this year 2022 and headed by chief instructor Asi Shnabel (4th degree black belt). We are affiliated with the IIMAA (International Independent Martial Artists Association).” 

Martial arts training in general contributes greatly for character building, mental and physical inner strength, confidence, discipline, leadership, tolerance, proper judgment and of course, self defense skills.

Aikido training in particular can help develop a more peaceful approach to resolving any interaction (conflict, self defense situation etc.), increasing health, vitality (Ki) and body awareness, and spiritual strength. By keeping a safety and peace of all sides, while subduing aggression, we gain more then “victory”. It takes greater skill but much bigger reward!

The founder of Aikido, Sensei Ueshiba Morihei, often used the saying: “Masagatsu Agatsu“, which means: victory is accomplished by concurring oneself.