The Peace message in Aikido

This paragraph, written by the founder of Aikido Master Ueshiba Morihei ("O-Sensei") summaries the very spiritual essence of Aikido practice. Aikido is a way of uniting, harmonizing and bonding with a possible hostile challenge in a form of a controlled attack by one or more attackers.


Understanding PAIN and STRESS in Shiatsu-Anma Therapy

PAIN in oriental understanding is NOT a pathogen causing a health-related problem but simply “stagnation” in KI/Blood flow (or- body functioning). Pain is nothing but a STIMULUS created by the body when trouble is sensed, such as damaged tissue, that is delivered to the brain providing information about the characteristics of the problem and awakening a natural RECOVERY process. Thus, proving the mind is relaxed (parasympathetic state).


The effects of Shiatsu-Anma

Shiatsu and Anma both aim to promote the natural healing process already existing in our body, whether it is for maintenance and well-being, helping to restore our body's stamina or specifically alleviating any health condition.

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