Colleague Review: Dr M. Priman ND,

Asaf (aka Asi) Has worked with us for about a year. During that time of work we learned that he is a UNIQUE therapist.
Asaf, a knowledgeable therapist, can empathize and relate to the source of the patient’s problems, the reason for their need of treatments, and the best way to treat it for maximum effect.
He is a therapist that “feels” his patients, aware of their problems and knows exactly where to touch and treat.
Anyone who works in the field of Alternative medicine knows that patience is much needed to work with patients due to their great suffering and frustration, and regarding that, Asaf with no doubt has picked the right profession for him.
We were sorry to allow him to leave and wish him success in his new way. We are confident that his future patients will benefit from his kind and pleasant personality.

“Physical Institute Medical Center”, ISRAEL 2011