Review: Dr. Kaneko, School Director

This letter is to certify the enrollment of Mr. (Asaf) Shnabel in our school. Mr. Shnabel is a dedicated student and has exhibited a high quality of professionalism in class. His grades and reviews are outstanding.
His knowledge and talent were most evident in the Intern clinic where he practiced Shiatsu-Anma on our clients. Asaf was often requested by our longtime clients. Clients participating in the Intern Clinic are often asked to write an evaluation of the treatment and to rate the Intern. Those worked on by Mr. Shnabel consistently rated him as superior, our highest category, indicating that Asaf was a true talent with strengths in personality and professionalism.
We consider Asaf to be an outstanding graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California.

Nov 1996, Shiatsu Massage School of California (SMSC), Santa-Monica, CA